Exiting the Cave: Philosopher Kings and the Gardens of the Sacred Muses Today


Whence will the philosopher kings arise in 2024 and what roles will they assume in ushering Western civilization out of its current dark age? From the times of Homer and Ionic civilization to Classical Greece, the Golden Renaissance to the Weimar renaissance, poets and philosophers have always been the undisputed keepers of the sacred gardens of the muses, whose flourishing has served as the key source of inspiration for every civilizational rebirth.

In this extensive dialogue, we offer an Age of Muses exclusive in which philosopher, psychiatrist and Confucian scholar Dr. Quan Le and poet David Gosselin journey through the ten gardens of the sacred muses. There, we explore the unique function of the muses in cultivating the creative potentials of mankind, with a particular focus on the role played by the true Aristocrats and Philosopher Kings.

Join us on a musical journey through the ten gardens of the sacred muses.

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Age of Muses
Exiting the Cave
The world is in need of a ​Renaissance, not a Reset. We're committed to offering the kind of content that breathes life into these efforts across the Western world (and beyond). Art and culture have and always will be the fount for new ideas. Thus, contrary to the cynical Huxlian Brave New World outlook, which imagines a world where people have become so hyper-sensualized that they no longer care about the sacred and deep things that characterize truly creative civilizations, we know this view to be axiomatically flawed. For, as Western civilization has witnessed an increasingly decadent, decaying, and hyper-sensualized society unravel before its eyes, we can observe that the desire for Beauty, Truth, and Goodness has only grown.