The Art of Breaking Spells: Exposing the Magicians with Coffee and a Mike


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In this latest interview on Coffee with a Mike we open the spell books and explore how modern entertainment, culture and intellectual discourse are often manipulated by skilled “magicians.” After initially disabusing people from the general culture of pessimism and demoralization pervading Western minds, we demystify how the magicians of our modern culture and intelligence industrial complexes use their “mystique” to manage the shadows cast on our modern cave walls—or screens.

Having demystified the many tricks used by the magicians, wizards and shamans from the times of ancient Babylon until today, we reflect on the new creative potentials and possibilities (and new Godzilla Minus One movie) surfacing within our rapidly evolving cultural landscape.

Join us on this latest magical journey.

Age of Muses
Exiting the Cave
The world is in need of a ​Renaissance, not a Reset. We're committed to offering the kind of content that breathes life into these efforts across the Western world (and beyond). Art and culture have and always will be the fount for new ideas. Thus, contrary to the cynical Huxlian Brave New World outlook, which imagines a world where people have become so hyper-sensualized that they no longer care about the sacred and deep things that characterize truly creative civilizations, we know this view to be axiomatically flawed. For, as Western civilization has witnessed an increasingly decadent, decaying, and hyper-sensualized society unravel before its eyes, we can observe that the desire for Beauty, Truth, and Goodness has only grown.